Stephen Myburgh

Inventive beauty for creative leaving 

Why do I make things?”

“I think making things is what all humans do. It’s knowing what you want to make, that’s the test. I’ve been exploring copper for ten years now. Pulling and pushing the boundaries of what convention says can be done with the metal.  My African education in design has, I think, only helped this process. I’m not bogged down by pre-conceived ideas. Change comes easily to me. Maybe that’s why copper and I get on so well. We’re both adaptable.”

Stephen Myburgh was born in Durban, South Africa. After his national service he left South Africa and began a long voyage of discovery. “My travels have taken me all over the world. From the jungles of Guatemala to the deserts of Egypt. It is these places and these experiences that help me see the world as I see it now.”

In 1997 his wanderings brought him to London. It was in London that he started to explore metal work on a large scale. In 1998 in partnership with Caroline Fletcher (whom he would later marry), Myburgh Designs launched the Mood Swing collection.

“Nature and its subtleties have always been my design program. But opulence and luxury offer the theater that I love to live with. Copper is a wonderful medium to merge these two desires”. Stephen Myburgh’s mood swings are hand made sculptures  that bring into your homes this feeling of natural opulence. Soft forms that float with a strange weightless authority.

Stephen has his eyes set on a positive future. “I want to contribute to a new era in which environment, art and design converge to lay the corner stones for the very bright future that I see ahead of us.”

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